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A Gansey Crochet Home

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Gansey is typically associated with knitting, but now you can crochet Gansey designs that mimic the look of knit designs! The Gansey look originated from the Island of Guernsey over 400 years ago. Gansey sweaters were designed for fishermen who spent their days at sea, so they were knitted with tight textured stitches to ensure that the sweater was not only warm but water- and wind-resistant too. In A Gansey Crochet Home, you will find that each design is filled with texture and makes a perfect addition to any home. The book includes 10 fresh designs and includes both written instructions and charts.

Page Count: 24

#8717791 - A Gansey Crochet Home
ISBN: 9781640251151
UPC: 732526430398
Retail: $8.99