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Crochet Edgings for a Perfect Finish Class DVD

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Crochet Edgings for a Perfect Finish Class DVD

Every crocheter has completed a blanket, accessory or garment and searched for the perfect edging to give just the right finishing touch. In this all-new class, you can gain the confidence to do just that. Crochet expert Ellen Gormley will teach you the ins and outs of crocheting 12 versatile edgings with a wide variety of designs!

Ellen will take you step-by-step through the process of working each edging and explain how to calculate and plan so that you can add any edging to any project. She starts with classic, simple edgings and works her way up to the more complex showstoppers! You'll learn new stitches, but with Ellen by your side, you'll master them in a snap!

In this class you'll learn how to:

  • Determine multiples, allowing you to add any edging to any project.
  • Crochet backwards to create the popular Reverse Single Crochet edging for a corded look.
  • Work surface stitches for added interest in the Chain & Slip and Posies edgings.
  • Create a dramatic, textural finish with the Curlicue or Drop Circle Fringe edgings.
  • Use the front and back loops of stitches in the pretty Layered With Picots edging.
Class includes complete step-by-step instructions for the following edgings: Reverse Single Crochet, Chain & Slip, Tiny Shells, Ruffles, Arches, Drop Circle Fringe, Curlicues, Crowns, Layered With Picots, Layered With Post Stitches, Flags and Posies.

DVDs are both PC and MAC compatible, as well as US television/DVD-player compatible.

Total Run Time: 2 hrs. 3 min.

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

#CLV02D1 - Crochet Edgings for a Perfect Finish Class DVD
ISBN: 978-1-59012-267-9
UPC: 7-32526-41711-5
Retail: $19.99
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