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Deck the Halls: 20+ Knitted Christmas Ornaments

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Deck the Halls: 20+ Knitted Christmas Ornaments

Beginner through intermediate knitters will benefit from this book because we offer a range of projects from easy knit and purl, stripe patterns, to basic increasing and decreasing. Also included are a variety of intermediate techniques such as knitting in the round, stranded colorwork and knitting with beads and lace.
Page Count: 48

Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate

BOOK REVIEW by Emilee Reynolds, Sweetly Made (Just for you)
This book inspired me because it was simple and nicely put together. I loved the simplicity of the patterns. This book was also organized perfectly. I opened the book to find a short introduction and table of contents. Each pattern included a skill level, finished measurements, materials list, gauge and instructions on how to knit the ornament. Some patterns included special techniques and pattern notes which seemed very helpful. My favorite ornaments were Donner, Cabled Christmas Stocking and Littlest Matryoshka Doll. I haven't seen ornaments like these so I was excited for the new ideas. This book included super cute patterns, however most patterns were for intermediate knitters. There was one easy pattern and one experienced. So, if you have been knitting for a long period of time, this is the knitting book for you. Otherwise, you may need to check out their How-To-Videos as a guide to create the patterns.

This book definitely has inspired me to create a longer knitting book. As you may or may not know, I created my first knitting book. It is an eBook at the moment but I'm looking into printing some copies to sell. Be sure to check out my first knitting back titled, Christmas Stocking Patterns Vol 1. 10 designs to knit. I think you will enjoy knitting my patterns as well as these beautiful Christmas ornaments. Enjoy!

REVIEW by Rachel Hyde, MyShelf.com
Knit a houseful of Christmas decorations with this fun pattern book. Both the front and back covers are filled with small photographs of some of the projects so you can see right away what is in store, a good touch. This also stresses the fact that this is a book of patterns rather than a book that teaches knitting, and some experience is required to tackle any of the pieces. Each project in the Annies series has a rating of between one and four and these are all either three (intermediate) or in a couple of cases four (experienced) so this is not a book for the knitting novice. To jog your memory there is a double page spread at the back showing the basics, abbreviations, table of yarns weights and explanation of the skill levels.

The projects themselves manage to be both traditional and contemporary in one go, a neat feat. Choose from figures like a snowman, reindeer, elf, Santa etc to hang up or go for mitten bunting, baubles, fun sweater shaped decorations or Nordic styled pieces to name a few. The emphasis here is on things to hang up whether on the walls or the tree and most are ideal for using up scraps of yarn. Each pattern has a large photograph of the finished piece in situ together with written instructions (apart from one cable chart), finished size, skill level, notes and list of what you need. This is a book that flops open easily magazine style and the instructions are very well laid out for easy reading. I can imagine this book coming out every year as cherished handmade heirlooms are created.

REVIEW by Olann and Ireland's Fibre + Craft Magazine
For those of us that enjoy knitting Christmas decorations (our knitting group has a knitted decoration, Secret Santa every year) this book is a real treat. The projects are made using a variety of different weight yarns. The amount of yarn used is minimal, which means they're a great way to use up your ends. The book contains a brief 'Knitting Basics' section at the back of the book, which includes diagrams, standard knitting abbreviations and a chart of standard yarn weights. Further help can be found in the form of Illustrated Guides and How To Videos on the accompanying website.

Each pattern has a skill level indicated at the top of it, from beginner to experienced. The instructions are written clearly, with any 'Special Abbreviations' explained on the pattern, so you won't find yourself having to refer to a different page in the book. Narrowing down our choice to just a few favourites is quite difficult, as all of the patterns are cute in their own right. If you favour that 'clean, stripped back' almost 'rustic' Jona Lewie, 'Stop the Cavelry' Christmas feel, then the Wish Upon a Star decorations are beautiful. If you're more of a Noddy Holder from Slade - 'IT'S CHRISTMAS', type of person, then you're going to love the Santa Ornament and Elfie. If you're more of a Mariah Carey, 'All I want For Christmas Is You' person, then the Opulent Openwork Ornaments are a match made in Christmas heaven. Meanwhile, those of us that love Tom Jones and Carys Matthews 'Baby it's Cold Outside' will be most happy with the Bright Stockings or Little Mitten Garland. We're also smitten by the Littlest Matryoshka Dolls that would make a lovely gift any time of the year.

#1211111 - Deck the Halls: 20+ Knitted Christmas Ornaments
ISBN: 978-1-57367-693-9
UPC: 7-32526-41064-2
Retail: $9.99
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