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From Annie's! Knitted slippers, warm toes and hearts at once.

There are few gifts which deliver the impact of a pair of warm, hand-knitted, soft and cuddly slippers. In this book, you'll find styles and sizes to fit anyone from young children to adult women and men. Each pattern is written for multiple sizes so you can custom-fit for the fortunate recipient of your knitted gift. Wouldn't you love to make slippers to keep your own toes warm? Imagine the pleasure a pair would bring to a shut-in or friend who is recuperating. Donating a pair to a shelter could bring hand-crafted warmth to one less fortunate.

Do you enjoy working on smaller items and larger needles? Many of the patterns in this book use only one skein of yarn, chunky weight yarn and needles larger than size 5. All can be completed in hours by an average knitter. Once you make your first pair of slippers from this book, you'll be planning the next pair. Knitting slippers is fun, fast and an enjoyable way to provide warmth to others. Designs by Amy Polcyn.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

# 1210491 - Knit a Dozen Plus Slippers
ISBN: 978-1-59217-302-0
UPC: 0-54525-30994-0
Retail: $8.95 $3.99
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